About Us

NINI WEAR is an Australia-based original accessories shop.

Our way of supporting originality is twofold: by selling original products and finding original talents. All of our merchandises are originally created by our partner designers and illustrators, and are handcrafted from start to finish. We promote fresh ideas by consistently finding freelance craftspeople and listing the best of their works on the NINI WEAR platform. With the team’s efforts and resources, we aim to connect fine arts with consumers worldwide who can appreciate them.

At NINI WEAR, we specialize in crafting accessories, which include not only jewelries such as earrings and bracelets, but also handbags and other wearables.

We, the founders of NINI WEAR, are from multinational cultural backgrounds, and have our unique understanding of art and design. We’ve noticed that, with the rapid advancement of the modern society and mass media, people’s aesthetics standards are increasingly unified as they are often exposed to a limited selection of “name brands” and “hot looks.” Details matter, a unique piece of accessory can complement your overall look and differentiate your style. However, many consumers struggle to find a reliable source of fine accessories beyond mainstream brands, and some fall victim to getting knockoffs or poorly-made products. At NINI WEAR, we make every product with these values in mind: originality, artistic appeal, and most essentially, high quality.

There are many talented freelance artists and craftspeople around the world whose works are full of power and creativity. Yet the lack of exposure keeps them hidden, blocking their access to customers who are precisely looking for fresh arts. Therefore, NINI WEAR is devoted to finding and supporting original designers, in hopes of showcasing their fine works to a wider audience. We value every customer who shops at NINI WEAR. Thank you for recognizing and supporting our business. Your trust gives hope to those freelance artists who deserve to be seen, and motivates them to create better works. At NINI WEAR, customers are given more choices that are new, creative, and bold; original designs are given the opportunity to be known, and even to start a trend.

Finally, if you are a dedicated freelance artist or craftsperson who needs a chance to be discovered, we welcome you to the NINI WEAR community, and to our pool of shared resources. We’ll all work together to make your creations shine.


Thank you.